Letter: Two sets of rules in Northfield

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Letter: Two sets of rules in Northfield Letter: Two sets of rules in Northfield To the editor:

The City of Northfield saga continues. What lies ahead? Our mayor was elected assemblyman and the Democrats need to replace him, but in the meantime we have a Republican sitting in the mayor's seat.

What a slap in the face to Democratic Councilman Frank Perri, who was our mayor for 12 years. And it’s not the first time Councilman Perri has been ignored, such as when the Republican-controlled council gave away our rescue squad, even though the residents asked them not to.

City Council has been given three names for the vacated 1st Ward seat and the mayor’s seat by the Democratic County Committee members of Northfield. City Council has not moved on this replacement process. Our inexperienced council president actually postponed the City Council meeting of Jan. 28 and will now hold it on Feb. 4.

I understand the candidates for these vacated seats on council will be interviewed that evening. Wow, just in time as the 30-day deadline to pick these replacements is Feb. 7.

I think the only way the acting mayor pro tempore could hold the mayor’s seat is through the back door. They want him to have it as long as they can, obviously.

Last year when the previous council president resigned, they held a special meeting the next day to replace her. As usual there’s two sets of rules with the Northfield City Council. Once again the residents of Northfield will suffer. Now we have an inexperienced mayor and council president.

City of Northfield residents; how do you feel about our city government? A lot of our tax dollars are being spent on things we are unable to afford right now. The children are our future, and what will they think when they grow up and become adults and have to pay the debt.

Our streets are in bad shape –  they say we don’t have enough money to fix them. Our city departments are overstaffed and nonproductive. Most of the city employees don’t live in Northfield because the taxes are too high. A lot of the city ordinances are not enforced. The Veterans Park is at a stand still.

I could go on and on, but I assume the residents are satisfied because on City Council night there may be one or two residents there to voice an opinion. Most people talk to their neighbors about problems in the city; they can’t help you. You need to attend meetings.

I’m asking Northfield residents to come out to the City Council meetings and see what is going on in our town.

Robert Webb Sr.



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