Superintendent addresses incident at high school during board meeting

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Ocean City School District Superintendent Kathleen Taylor made the following statement at the Wednesday, Feb. 22 Board of Education meeting regarding that afternoon’s high school evacuation:

“The Ocean City School District is committed to providing an educational climate that is safe and secure. We realize that crises and critical incidents can occur, which will have an impact on a school or the district. These critical incidents require an effective, timely planning and response.

As such we have an Emergency and Crisis Management Plan that establishes guidelines for dealing with a variety of situations to ensure that we follow procedures during an emergency. As part of this planning and as a Department of Education requirement, we have monthly security drills to practice these procedures.

Today, a critical incident occurred at the high school and the administration followed the planned security procedures for responding to a bomb threat, which included calling the Ocean City Police Department. With the police in the lead, we followed the set protocols for a bomb threat.

Once the school was thoroughly searched by the OCPD, they deemed the school to be safe and secure and students and staff were readmitted from the evacuation site.

It was important for us to have the students return to school so we could allay any concerns that they may have had, and follow normal procedures before they were dismissed at the regular time.

The high school administration, staff and students did an effective job of following the plan and moving from a Level 1 lockdown to a school-wide evacuation. I want to thank Dr. Jamison, the administrators and staff for enacting the security plans well and to the students for their cooperation.

Certainly, today's incident stresses why it's important to conduct drills and have a productive working relationship with the Ocean City Police Department. I also want to thank the Police Department for addressing the incident promptly and thoroughly and for keeping us safe and secure. We all are appreciative.”


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