Crime in Cape May County up 1 percent

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Rate down in Ocean City, up in Wildwood, according to annual state report

TRENTON – Crime in Cape May County is up 1 percent in 2011 with 4,865 offenses reported compared to 4,809 in 2010, according to the 2011 Uniform Crime Report released Friday, Dec. 14 by the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety.

The overall crime rate in New Jersey increased 3 percent compared to the previous year.

“The latest crime data shows a slight increase in the overall crime rate in New Jersey,” Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said. “Although the factors that influence crime trends are complex and interwoven, we remain committed to working harder and smarter to combat crime and protect New Jersey citizens during what remains a tough economic time for much of our state and our nation.”  

In Cape May County, the number of offenders cleared is down 3 percent, 1,168 in 2010 compared to 1,133 in 2011.

Violent crime saw a 26 percent increase from 246 offenses in 2010 to 309 in 2011.

Murders are down 50 percent, from two to one, rape is down 24 percent from 17 to 13, burglary is down 3 percent from 1,103 to 1,075 and motor vehicle theft is down 4 percent from 77 to 74. Robberies are up 38 percent from 61 to 84, aggravated assaults are up 27 percent from 166 to 211, larceny/theft is up 1 percent from 3,383 to 3,407. The total value of property stolen in Cape May County in 2011 was $4.2 million, of which 21 percent was recovered.

In Ocean City, crime was down 34.5 percent from 921 offenses in 2010 to 603 in 2011. The area of crime with the largest decrease was larceny from 700 in 2010 to 468 in 2011.

Conversely, in Wildwood, crime was up 40 percent from 611 offenses in 2010 to 856 in 2011. The number of violent crimes increased in every category: there was one murder in 2011 compared to none in 2010, six instances of rape compared to two, 47 instances of robbery compared to 21 and 61 instances of aggravated assault compared to 35. In terms of nonviolent crimes, larceny was up from 387 instances to 500, and burglary was up 160 instances to 232.

Crime was also up in Dennis Township, which saw a 40 percent increase over 2010, from 125 offenses to 175 offenses in 2011. Here, too, larceny increases significantly from 58 instances in 2010 to 102 in 2011. Violent crimes remained steady with no murder, rape or robbery and eight instances of aggravated assault in both 2010 and 2011.

Statewide, crime is up 3 percent, from 210,817 offenses reported in 2010 to 217,073 offenses reported in 2011.

Murder is up 2 percent from 372 to 380, rape is up 1 percent from 985 to 991, robbery is up 3 percent from 11,859 to 12,216, aggravated assault is down 3 percent from 13,958 to 13,586, burglary is up 11 percent from 38,794 to 43,208, larceny/theft had no real percent increase at 129,294 to 129,269 and motor vehicle theft us up 12 percent from 15,555 to 17,423.

The annual UCR, prepared by the State Police Uniform Crime Reporting Unit, measures offenses committed during the period spanning from Jan. 1, 2011, through Dec. 31, 2011. The report contains data on the rate of reported Index Crimes – offenses which fall into seven crime categories, including the four violent index crimes of murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault, and three nonviolent index crimes of burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft.  

The UCR also contains separate statistical reports on bias crimes, carjacking and domestic violence.

2011 New Jersey Uniform Crime Report

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