Student school board reps honored

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 Maham Ahmed, Lauren Vetter and Liza Barrick were recognized at a Wednesday, May 28 meeting of the Ocean City Board of Education. 
 Maham Ahmed, Lauren Vetter and Liza Barrick were recognized at a Wednesday, May 28 meeting of the Ocean City Board of Education.

OCEAN CITY —Ocean City High School seniors Lauren Vetter, Liza Barrick and Maham Ahmad enjoyed serving as student representatives on the Ocean City Board of Education for the past school year so much that they asked if board members needed them to come to the June board meeting, scheduled after they will have graduated.

At a Wednesday, May 28 board meeting, Superintendent Kathleen Taylor advised them to enjoy their summer.

With the goal of providing a student’s perspective on various issues and keeping board members informed of upcoming events and happenings, the board representatives attend board meetings.

Taylor said the three seniors had served with excellence. She smiled as she said she wished that they did not have to graduate. Taylor and board members recognized each of the three representatives with a token of appreciation for their service.

Vetter, she noted, is headed for the University of California at Berkeley.

What she will remember most about serving on the board occurred throughout the year.

 “I have thoroughly enjoyed congratulating my classmates as they were recognized for their unique accomplishments,” she said. “From student athletes to leaders in the community, it has been an honor to have a front row seat at the recognition of their achievements.”

In deciding to serve on the board, she said her goal was to ensure that the concerns of the student were heard by the community.

“I have loved my time in the Ocean City School District to say the least and wanted to use this as an opportunity to ensure future students will have similarly positive experiences,” she said. “The school is constantly changing and improving through the efforts of the Board of Education and superintendent, and I am confident that I am leaving it a better place than when I started.”

When asked what advice she would offer a new student representative, she said would advise them to enjoy the opportunity and not be nervous.

“Each member of the board serves to try to make the school a better environment for the students,” she said. “They genuinely care about what we have to say.”

Barrick said she enjoyed being able to express various thoughts and concerns of the student body to the board.

“Because it strengthens the relationship between both units,” she said. “I believe it is imperative for the students to be involved and to be heard, which is why I enjoyed the Board of Education. They openly listened and discussed the issues that affect the student life daily; work together to solve any issues, and works continuously to improve our school.”

Barrick said she enjoyed serving and felt that the experience better prepared her for the future.

“During my time on the board, I have successfully acted as the liaison between the administration and the student body,” she said. “I voiced the thoughts and concerns of the students to the board and community in addition to answering any student questions regarding the school. I deeply enjoyed being the student representative because the Board of Education taught me about planning and process that I will use in my future.”

When asked what advice she would offer an incoming student representative, Barrick said she would advise them to become actively involved in the student body by attending club meetings and seeking feedback from the students regarding their thoughts on the school.

“I also would advise the new student representative to feel comfortable in engaging conversation with the board,” she said.

Ahmad said her most memorable moment on the board occurred when she offered a small suggestion about the food.

“I found out that that was a point that was already being taken care of,” she said. “It shows that a lot of staff members are involved in even the smallest concerns of the students.”

Ahmad said serving was an eye-opener.

“I learned so much, not just about how to be a leader among peers and to communicate the opinions of students, but I also learned about some of the inner workings of the school and got a chance to witness the sweat and hard work that is put into making this school successful,” she said. “Running a school is way harder than it looks.”

When asked what advice she would offer an incoming student representative, she said she would advise them to “loosen up a little.”

“Be open to sharing suggestions because the opinions of students are valued and it’s great to have constructive debates!” she said.

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