Skateboard park unneeded and expensive

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To the editor:

We live in Ocean City, where playgrounds are scattered throughout the city. We have the ocean, beach and boardwalk, tennis, soccer, football and baseball fields and volleyball on the beach. There are bicycle lanes and the Ninth Street Bridge offers areas for walkers, runners, bicycles and fishermen. We are not an inner city where the younger generation has no place to play.

Why do we need a skate park?

The cost mentioned is exorbitant. Yes, we could apply for a grant to help with the cost. Where does everybody think the grant money comes from? It comes from our taxes. The mindset is if we don’t get it, some other town will. This is probably true.  However, there is no mention of the cost to move the Clothes Closet.  Think back — we built a skateboard facility at Sixth and the Boardwalk a few years back. It was poorly used and sometimes vandalized. I’m sure we paid a lot to tear it down.

By considering the space next to the firehouse, we take away at least 30 parking spaces, which we desperately need. Is the implication that the firemen can monitor the behavior at such a park? I hope not. They are not babysitters.

In answer to a young skater who spoke to City Council, yes, skateboarding is a popular sport. When the next fad comes along, will we be expected to build something else? I admit to being part of the older generation; we had little, but we knew how to have fun and amuse ourselves. Enough is enough.

If the city goes ahead with this idea, think about space by the airport.

Margaret Shock
Ocean City

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