A boring election is an improvement

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To the editor:

Now that the election is over what did we learn from it? If you attended any of the debates, forums or “meet & greets” you might have noticed how likeable all the individuals were who ran. Even Ed Price, who has a reputation as a relentless pursuer of the facts, came across as just another nice guy. If you were a voter who didn’t already have a favorite candidate you might have had a hard time making up your mind. After the nasty elections we’ve experienced over the years you might even conclude that “boring is better.”

Even dirty campaign tactics were not taken seriously. One incident of the childish ritual of stealing campaign signs turned out to be more of a practical joke than small-minded meanness. In an election four years ago, our opponents felt so threatened by our campaign sign that they pressured the son of an old friend of mine to remove it from the marquee of his store. Odd behavior in a town that sells itself on patriotism yet feels no shame in suppressing a fundamental American right to freedom of political speech.

Someone else who worked on our campaign had a person in her church stop speaking to her merely because she supported us. You would think that would be abnormal behavior in a Christian town like Ocean City but it seems to be more common than you’d think.

Maybe times have changed and people have learned to be a little less petty. Let’s hope so. 

Jim Tweed
Ocean City

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