Republicans in name only are liberals in conservative clothing

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To the editor:
Republicans in name only abound, and it turns out they are actually Democratic liberals in conservative clothing. House Speaker John Boehner is part of the prevailing old school of politics that should be renamed the Incumbent Party, as nothing else matters but perpetual re-election that is certainly not the will of the people.

Mark Twain had it right with his political philosophy: "Vote the rascals out."


With friends like long-term incumbent Boehner and fake conservatives like Romney, GOP defeat at the polls is inevitable. Politicians always use the sports mantra of defeated sports enthusiasts, “Wait till next year.” Losers never win, as it will always be “Wait till next election,” a refrain that surfaced just a day or two after the Nov. 6 elections.

An estimated $6 billion and a full two years of campaigning have been wasted by both political parties. The net effect is creation of a lame-duck president who will now do nothing much more than occasionally resort to the bully pulpit to show that he is on the job while actually doing nothing but rule by fiat and executive orders; spend wildly, wastefully and foolishly; and assign blame for his own failures to past President George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, smoke-filled back rooms buzz with activity planning the 2014 midterm elections and the jockeying for position and placement for the 2016 presidential elections. No solutions are provided for current problems but to kick the can down the road again.

Two days after Republicans lost their quest for glory, Boehner wiggled out of pre-election absolute declarations by saying ObamaCare was “The Law of the Land,” conceding the end of GOP efforts to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act known as ObamaCare.

Compromise will again be interpreted as concessions by the party not in power to the whims of the great maharajah who continues to be in position to rub it in the face of past President George W. Bush. Obama already provided cover for his own failures and shortcomings by declaring the inherited problems to be so bad that it may take more than an additional term and another president to accomplish a final fix.

John Boehner is no match for the epitome of House speakers, Nancy Pelosi, who against all odds drove the passage of ObamaCare through the House when even Obama was inclined to abandon the efforts. Republicans might be wise to assign House leadership to Pelosi, who like her or not, did a job that Boehner cannot begin to emulate.

Albert Maslar


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