Keep Visions 55-and-over

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Letter Letter

To the editor:

I am a resident and owner at the Visions property in Absecon. I want to thank the Zoning Board for standing firm and not allowing the age restriction here to be lifted.

Since Amboy Bank took over this property, they have attempted to lift the age restriction and have not even attempted to market this property as age-restricted. The Zoning Board gave Amboy Bank, aka AB Visions, its legal counsel and expert witnesses more than sufficient time over the course of six or seven long months to set forth their case in support of its use variance application on land I partially own, I may add.

Expert testimony indicated that Absecon's affordable housing quota can be just as easily reached by keeping this property at 55-plus. Any assertions to the contrary are just not true.

There are those of us who bought into this property and wish to see it remain 55-and-over. The owners who are writing letters criticizing the Zoning Board decision accepted a buyout from Amboy and therefore will profit if the age restriction is lifted, to the detriment of those of us who wish to remain here at Visions.

We respectfully request that the city of Absecon protect the residents of Visions by not caving to any pressure applied by Amboy Bank and others who would benefit financially at the expense of the rest of the residents of the city of Absecon. 

Muriel Vargo


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