Wildwood Property Transfers - April 2013

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Property Transfer information provided by the Cape May County Clerk’s Office 

North Wildwood

1800 Ocean Ave. Unit 415, $147,000

Surf Song of North Wildwood LLC to Joseph R. Catinella and Gina Catinella.


100 E 17th Ave. Unit 300, $250,000

Philadelphia Credit Union to Joseph C. Zarroli


303 E 12th Ave., $420,000

Delema Jay Papperman and Richard C. Papperman to Hoanne M. Berwind


225 W 11th Ave. $145,000

Charles J. Stiefel and Elanor J. Stiefel and Charles Stiefel to Leo F. Breslin and Theresa A. Breslin


110 W WALNUT #102 Unit 2, $375,000

West Walnut Avenue Llc to James Mc Elhaugh   and Diane Mc Elhaugh 


1000 Kennedy Dr. Unit 407, $140,000

Roman Holiday Lp to Gary Devaco and Peggy Devaco


208 E 20th Ave. Unit 2B, $134,000

Clare McNally to Paul and Joanne Bryson


734 W. Pine., $240,000

William Gallagher to William and Karen Cosgrove


2500 New Jersey Ave., Unit 100 , $60,000

William and Kathleen Riemann to Brian McDowell


513-15 E 17th Ave., $90,000

Richard and Dolores Baus to Peter Hranj and Lee Ann Hranj



711 Ocean Ave. Unit 108, $142,000

Wendy Wade to Frank an dMarcelline Zanger


101 W Walnut Ave Unit 1, $180,000

William and Barbara Piergovanni to Ralph and Mary Ann Welz


3701 Susquehanna Ave. Unit 3701, $249,000

Slm Financial Corp  to Michele Kelly and John Bradley


141 B Allen Dr., $90,000

Robert and Janet Lemmo to Nancy Tomlinson


222 E 25th Ave. Unit 148, $120,0000

David Stonier to Edward and Patricia Gowland


416 E 24th Ave., Unit  100,$ 284,000

Eric Itzi to Gim Lim, Suat-eng Ter


1113 Surf Ave.,  Unit 2, $360,000

Joan Cunningham and Cynthia Sullivan to Mark and Mary Campbell


301 Anglesea Dr., $990,000

Philip and Diane Bernard to John and Colleen Fosbenner


338 W 18th Ave., $400,000

Lucy Walker and Frederick Bergmann and Linda Bergmann to Rocco Pace


620 W. Pine Ave., Unit 6., $ 178,000

Marie Mitchell to Howard and Jennifer Goldsman


417 E 19th Ave., Unit 403       $125,000

Robert and Melody Demerjian to Leslie Broviak


113 E 7th Ave. Unit 1., $258,000

Robert and Karen Fugelo to David and Celeste Rowan


413 E 7th Ave. $370,950

Delores Allen and Michael Bohrer to Thomas Johnston and Katherine Stec


322 E 20th Ave. Unit A  $330,000

Robyn Brody to Matthew and Dawn Hamilton


501 E 3RD Ave. Unit 302 , $275,000

Anthony and Dora Ottaciano to Leo Essenthier and Eileen Clauss


304 E 10th Ave., $308,000

Shirley May, Cynthia Bethman, Ronald Gelzunas, Ernest Bago, Shirley Bago to Kevin and Marybeth McGrath


113 E 23rd Ave. Unit A, $222,000

Barry and Deborah Zimmer to Peter and Michelle Schiavo


304C Allen Dr., $110,000

Thomas Daquino to Patricia Kidwell


1000 Kennedy Dt Unit 304 $138,000

Roman Holiday Lp to 510East Fourteenth Llc


415 E 12th Ave. Unit D, $365,000

Thomas and Elizabeth Lade to Robert and Caryl Young


 539 W Pine., $250,000

John Bell to Michael and Laura Hogan   


422 E 4TH Ave., $155,000

Alan Rowatti and Eileen Rowatti to Feorge Clark, Stephanie Clark and Jeffrey Clark


4223 E 10TH Ave. Unit 1, $507,000

Marcus Adamucci and Christine Adamucci to Brian Schreiber and Mary Kate Schreiber


2201 New York Ave. , $235,000

Michael F. Burbidge and Shirley V. Burbidge to David Moskowitz and Amy M. Moskowitz



118 W. Youngs Ave., $150,000

Thomas Gerace to Joan Trotta


104 E. Wildwood Ave., $169,000

Raymond Solem and Yvonne Grhamm-Solem to Elizabeth Mertz


5301 Ocean Ave., Unit 805, $160,000

Federal National Mortgage Assn,  to James and Margaret Floryshak


140W. Youngs Ave., $99,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust C to Elber Munyon


400 W. Hildreth Ave., $355.900

Suzanne Barker and Maureen Morin to William Bobon and Anna Bobon


217 E. Popular Ave., $243,000

Kenneth Mondzak and Shelley Mondzak to Shelley Mondzak


604 W. Burke Ave. B !st., Fl., $200,000

John and Lorraine Zindel to Robert and Sharon Bigwood


3711 Susquehanna Ave. Unit 3711., $249,000

SLM Financial to Daniel and Loretta Mullin


146=B Leaming Ave. $220,000

Quinton Vitelli and Karen Vitelli to James P. Angelini and James R. Angelini


413 W. Leaming Ave., Unit 208., $235,000

James Stevenson and Anthony Naccarato to Edward Sparks and Marcella Sparks


212 E. 26th Ave., #101., 290,000

Steven and Laura Humenuk and Michael and Jacqueline Zarzycki to Michael and Annemarie Defeo


235 E. Youngs Ave., $180,000

Catherine Boyle and John Boyle to Laura Six


218 E. Davis Ave., $256,000

Gerard and Maureen Pirozekto Anthony and Amber Visconti


308 E. Wildwood Ave., Unit 306, $72,000

Terri Marotta Trust   to Mark Marotta and Danielle Marotta


134 W. Rio Grande Ave., $65,000

134 West Rio Grande Ave Llc to Atlantic Exchange Llc    


4501 Pacific Ave. Unit 201, $190.000

Carol Bertrand, Lewis Nyman and Deborah Nyman to Abinash K. Yadav


242 W. Wildwood Ave., 210,000

Carmen Petrella, Barbara Petrella and Jennifer Snyder to Patricia A. Smolsky


223 E. Roberts Ave. Unit A. , $185,000

Steve Hamilton to Fred W. Oberhau


3707 Susquehanna Bank #3707, $249,000

Slm Financial Corp. to Carolos Andujar  


400 W. Magnolia Ave., $199,000

John M. Keane to Anthony L. Lopresti and Barbara L. Lopresti


115 E. Juniper Ave. $237,90

James J. Burlaga and Mary R. Burlaga to Mark Zartler and Nancy Zartler


103 E. Magnolia Ave., $135,500

Paul Duzmati to Just Getting Started Llc


4106 Hudson Ave. Unit 202, $209,900

Cory and Melissa Nelson to David and Phyllis Morris


225 E. Wildwood Ave. Unit 115, $59,900

Douglas Gorschboth to Elaine Ross


3705 Susquehanna Ave., $249,000

Slm Financial Corp. to Michael Lerro


223 E. Spencer Ave., Unit 223B., $235,000

Richard Smith to Gregory and Cynthia Burlingame


232 E. Glenwood Ave., Unit 232B., $191,513

Bank Of New York Mellon to Brian and Kathleen Boycan


628 Rio Grande Ave., $300,000

614 W Rio Grande Llc   to Edwin and Marta Myland


450 W. Montgomery Ave., $50,000

Montgomery & Susquehanna Llc  to Kevin Matthews



Wildwood Crest

451 E. Loiusville Ave., 1,650,000

Royal Bank Of America  to 451 East Louisville Llc  


241 E. Topeka Ave., $370,000

Stephen and Deborah Gilchrist to Philip and Jacqeline Giannuario


8401 Atlantic Ave., Unit 320., $160,000

Donald and Catherind Sheehan to Jaroslaw and Ewa Sawicki


103 E. Monterey Ave., $305,000

Federal National Mortgage Assn to John and Kellie Karch


210 Stockton Rd. Unit 2., $190,000

Patrick and Colleen Donahue to Jay P. Elliot


109 W. Sweet Briar Rd., $365,000

Free Spirit Properties Llc to Rocco and Maryann Gaudio


321 E/ Demver Ave., $790,000

Frank and Jessica Schimmel and Doreen Corino to Frank and Georgeanne Manfredi


202 E. Columbine Rd., Unit 202., $425,000

Bruce and Kelly Hamlin to Brendan Scanlon and Kristina Belisario-Scanlon


8004 Pacific Ave., $525,000

8004 Pacific Avenue Llc   to Anthony and Theresa Gawbill


9101 Atlantic Ave., Unit 201, $125,000

John  and Jean McKeon to Riorenza and Donna Costa


6207 Seaview Ave., $460,000

Richard Roach, Michelle Nuttal, Evelyn J. Bradshaw,  Claude Bradshaw to Ronald Caldarelli and Kathy Caldarelli


406 E. Stanton Ave., $486,500

John Buchler and Nancy Buchler to John J. Ryan and Deborah A. Ryan


8401 Atlantic Ave. Unit 224, $175,000

Marie Grasso to Richard Hepp and Mary E. Hepp


121-123 Rosemary Rd., $545,000

Roma Bank to 121-123 E Rosemary Llc    


411 E. Buttercup Rd. Unit 303, $325,000

George C. Marasco and Mary S. Marasco to Craig Emery and Robin Emery

405 E. Denver Ave., 4,600,000

Patricia and John Polizze to Megan Rose Llc.

404 E. Denver Ave., $120,000

William Gouak, Entrust Admn to Donald Rotanz


212 E. Denver Ave., $320,000

George and Johhanna Martin to John Amendt


7701 Atlantic Ave., Unit 501., $920,000

William Midon to Kevin O’brien


208 E. Menphis Ave., $360,000

Margaret McCafferty, Kevin McCafferty, Mark McCafferty, Brian McCafferty to Roland and Suzanne Wright


405 A. E. Charleston Ave,. Unit A., $257,500

Barbara Dugan to Charles and Linda Bates


406 E. Palm, Rd., $427,500

Timothy and Jacqueline Search to Brian and Deborah Maguire


119B E Morning Glory Rd., $267,500

Paul and Duston Ricker to Alecia Cimaszewski


119B E Morning Glory Rd., $450,000

Thomas and Frances Verchio to Search Party L L C    


West Wildwood

625-27 W. Poplar Ave., $ 175,000

Joseph and Rita DiStephani to Bernadette Licata



Property Transfer information provided by the Cape May County Clerk’s Office 

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