Atlantic County Real Estate Transactions, edition of May 1, 2014

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Atlantic County


204 Creek Court, $285,000, March 30, from Catherine R. Kancy and Richard A. Kance to Ernest J. Dibono.

35 Amy Lane, $185,000, March 11, from Allison J. Conlow to Jonathan C. Babcok and Lisa A. Subotin.

23 E. Oyster Bay Road, $61,500, March 25, from Nandkumar Hasija and Sonya Hasija to Maria E. Figeroa.

Atlantic City

1423 Magellan Ave., $61,000, March 14, from Marvelle Nunez to Antonio Teixeria.

19 N. Boston Ave., $140,000, March 19, from Shahru R. Chowdhury and Rubeda Khondakar to Tung Duong and Anh Nguyen.


1 Ocean Drive East, $325,000, March 24, from Gary A. Divincenzo and Marybeth E. Divincenzo to Birgitte Goossen and Michael J Shannon.

313 22nd St. South, $440,000, March 6, from Peter Liccio and Renee Liccio to Lisa L. Fania and Robert M. Fania.

348 Eighth St. South, $590,000, March 27, from Orchid Island LLC and Wallance and Woemer Dev. LLC to Cynthia P. Burke.

Egg Harbor Township

1 Thoroughbred Road, $215,000, March 21, from Jason Skolnick to Jennifer Chuang.

108 Greystone Drive, $210,000, March 12, from Jay Mistry and Neha Mistry to Bipinchandra B. Patel and Surekhabahen B. Patel.

120 Bonita Dr., $204,500, March 14, from Laura L. McMahon to Christopher Ruef.

122 Briarcliff Dr., $262,000, March 10 from Christopher M. Yecco to Christopher M. Martino and Nadine M. Martino.

148 Lees Lane, $265,000, March 13, from Andrew Tobiansen and Katelyn K. Tobiasen to Marilyn Skwire and Stephen Skwire.

207 Atlantic Ave., $75,000, March 10, from Scott L. Warner and Patricia Warner to Eleanor H. Cavileer and Ronald Cavileer.

23 Imperial Dr., $292,000, March 10, from Nino Cusella and Suzanne M. Cusella to Donna Hogan and James Hogan.

3 Mountain Lane, $252,000, March 21, from Christina Naughton and Mark Naughton to Ronald L. Hoang and Thanh Hoang.

5 South Ave., $132,500, March 13, from Brian Wilson and Tara Wilson to Herbert Simons.

Galloway Township

131 Kensington Dr., $307,000, March 18, from Gerard Traynor and Lisa Traynor to Federal Home Loan Mtg. Corp. and Eric S. Kaprick.

304 Longfellow Ct., $184,900, March 25, from Dimitre V. Dimitrov and Teodora Stoyanova to Ching M. Chiw and Elena Chiw.

404 Stockbridge Ct., $415,000, March 24, from Kellu Abdrabouth and Walead Abdrabouth to Eileen Palladino.

506 Summerwood Pl., $120,750, March 10, from Nicholas A. Galli to Carlo L. Beauchemin and Joseph A. Beauchemin.

641 Eighth Ave., $220,000, March 24, from Erin K. Todd and John W. Todd Sr. to Hae Park and young Chul Park.

Hamilton Township

2005 Hemlock Lane, $184,000, March 5, from Nikki C. Lang to Rita M. Cohen, Steven Cohen and Rita Maria Korch.

29 Renaissance Dr., $259,415, March 17, from May T. Amos to NVR Inc. and RyanHomes.

501 Sun Pine Drive, $335,000, March 10, from Jill Castro and Marcos Castro to Thomas H. Cifaloglio.

2606 Alamo Court, $105,000, March 11, from Sarah Jane Lewkowitz to Alan Durante.


207 W. Barr Ave., $149,900, March 25, from Louise Donohoe and Noel Donohoe to Brenda N. Champion.

210 New Road, $110,000, March 14, from Pierce Properties LLC. to Robin Shields and Thomas Shields.

409 W. Jefferson Ave., $240,000, March 6, from Joseph R. Halpin, Nancy L. Halpin and Thomas J. Halpin to Kira A. Hernandez and Rodis A. Hernandez.

539 Oak Ave, $255,000, March 20, from Kira Anne Hernandez and Rodis F. Hernandez to Tamela R. Pittaro.

H-10 Franklin Court, $140,000, March 10, from Nora Depalma to Margaret L. Pace.


3501 Atlantic Ave., $1,587,500, March 6, from Harold Middleberg and Sherri A. Middleberg to Gv Trust, Armand J. Mancini and Elaine M. Mancini.

111 S. 16th Ave., $475,000, March 28, from Ira Berman and Kathryn Berman to Holly Lichter and Steven Lichter.


109 N. Lancaster Ave., $712,000, March 7, From Landmark Development No. 4 LLC to Bernice Salamon.

310 N. Mansfield, $701,500, March 13, from Janice Conventure and Michael Bonventure to Landmark Development No. 4 LLC.


109 Haviv Drive, $600,000, March 10, from Adam Saad and Kelly M. Willman to Cherly A. Rizzo and Victor L. Rizzo.

1606 Zion Road, $260,000, March 12, from Phuong K. Hoang to Debra Sternberg and Jerome Sternberg.

2 Cedar Springs Dr., $397,777, March 10, from Douglas James Tracy and Sandra Ann Tracy to Randy Portnoy and Randy Homes LLC.

2029 Oak Ave., $180,000, March 6, from Peter Mussa and Sheila Mussa to Cosenza and Sons Inc.

206 Oxford Circle, $156,000, March 10, from Anthony Reo and Gloria Reo to Bradford P. Cooke and Lauren R. Cooke.

254 W. Mill Road, $180,000, March 25, from Corey B. Lamey and Grant H. Richey to NDGGDR LLC and Daniel Rallo.

408 Jackson Ave. $154,000, March 6, from Austin L. Palmentieri and Ashley M. Roberts to Ewa Wojciechowski.


12 Stenton Pl., $71,000, March 10, from Ashley A. Choinacki to Frederick K. Beckmeier and Stephen D. Beckmeier.

710 New Maple Road, $130,000, March 19, from Maybeel Guevara and Angelo J. Santos to Reinaldo Jordan.

Somers Point

118 W. Connecticut Ave., $83,500, March 25, from Dorothy Dominico and Richard J. Dominico to James Regan Jr.

34 Gulph Mill Road, $140,000, March 17, from Patrick T. Davish to Penelope J. Davish.

808 Harbour Cove, $227,000, March 25, from Anthony Ratti and Patricia A. Ratti to Greta A. Spirit and Paul D. Spirit.


5713 Winchester Ave., $1,495,000, March 11, from Donna Johnson and George Johnson to Beachwood Real Estate Holdings LLC and Frank Laverde.

16 N. Vassar Square, $196,000, March 13, from James Cameron and Maryann Pantilone to Beth Grandizio and Steven Grandizio. 

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