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Holiday parties begin in Ocean City

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

The sights and sounds of Christmas are everywhere and The Title Company of Jersey got a jump on the season and put everyone in the holiday spirit when they held an open house the week before Thanksgiving at their newly renovated offices at Seventh and West.

Laurie Harnett and Tom Giacinto greeted Art Ford and this columnist when we arrived. I wandered down the hall and found Betsy Barr at her desk working, but she was out and about socializing with everyone when she realized the party had started. I enjoyed the appetizers catered by Fitzpatrick’s Deli and Steakhouse while chatting with Becky Stanislaw of Goldcoast Realty, Susan Gardner of Weichert Realtors and John Dally, mortgage loan officer at PNC. Dustin Peters told me to be sure and check out the rueben egg rolls.

I told Mark Cassidy of Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors he wasn’t getting his picture taken at the Exchange dinner. Bob Kusnirik told me I came so close to spelling his name right except for one letter. Bill Harmon has been in real estate for years working in Silver Springs, Md. in the 1970s and ’80s. Since moving to Ocean City, he’s worked at ReMax and Keller-Williams and now hangs his hat at Goldcoast. The party livened up when John Walton and Stacey Demcher arrived on the scene.

I enjoyed meeting Jeanne Reiter, who is a legal secretary for Mike Fusco and Hance Jaquett. Pat Devlin of Goldcoast shied away from my camera. John Moore enjoyed the party so much he went to get his sons, John and Harry, and returned as I headed home. I caught up with John Halbruner outside sporting his bright blue Hyland Design Group shirt.

Everyone was in a festive mood when they arrived at Charity League’s annual Christmas Mart at the Greate Bay Country Club in Somers Point. I caught up with Michele Gillian, Rose Savastano and Nancy Neal waiting in line to pick up their Charity League pins.

Betty Chandler looked festive in a red, wool blazer accented with last year’s penguin pin. Marie Natale was busy selling paintings at her booth and gave out holiday issues of Ocean City magazine that feature her paintings on the covers. Eleanor Raymond sported this year’s pin, a white sequin snowflake, and her favorite from years ago, a red mitten, on her jacket.

Anne Adelmann, Ann Oves and Judy Toth couldn’t resist sitting on Santa’s lap to tell him what they want for Christmas while Annamaria Milhous and Fran Kraus took pictures. Dottie Schaefer and Kim Georgetti were busy selling home baked cookies to Shelley Towers and Sue Phillips when I stopped by. Kim hosted the cookie baking at her home with co-chairwoman Elena Steenchken and they filled 200 tins with almond clusters and 52 tins of spritz cookies that sold out in 45 minutes.

Barbara Fasy, MaryAnne McGrath and Mary Ann Gabel were loaded down with packages and were headed for their weekly lunch at The Crab Trap to avoid the crowd eating at the country club. These ladies volunteered to accompany Bill Scheible to Portugal where he is brokering a deal to bring their orchestra to Ocean City.

I headed downstairs to the pub where I caught up with Marianne Mazzoni and Kathy Federico waiting in line for lunch. Marianne reports she has a 4-month-old granddaughter, Becca. That makes three grandchildren for the Mazzonis.

Shelley Towers showed me the white stuffed dog she got that looks like her puppy at home. Kathy and Bob Morris enjoyed lunch with their daughter, Cricket Ross. Greg DiSabatino and his golf buddies were somewhat distressed when they finished golfing and discovered there was no room for them to have lunch in the pub. Meanwhile back upstairs at the mart, I stopped to chat with Ginny Holt then spotted Ginny Strang selecting several wooden Santa ornaments for her daughter-in-law’s Christmas tree. My grade school and high school classmate Barbara Altman stopped by the mart after her Front Porch show on WOND. I told Barbara two more of our classmates, Lynn Daley and Charlie Paxson, were also at the mart. Valet attendants were busy delivering cars to ladies loaded down with their purchases made at the mart when I walked out to get my car.

The Exchange Club hosted their annual Thanksgiving dinner recently at the Tuckahoe Inn. I caught up with Dick Boccelli during the social hour. Dick reports his band is going to be playing in the area this winter, but come spring and summer, they are headed for Germany, Italy and England to entertain.

I stopped to chat with Jane Lugo and Sue Doll, who were sharing pictures on their iPhones. Everyone was delighted to see and catch up with Pauline and Walt Hoster when they arrived for dinner with Dorothy and Homer Gerken. When I didn’t see my husband for a while, I just had to walk down at the end of the bar where he was catching up with Cary Monaghan, who just returned from the Keys.

Beverly and Ron Denney had flown in from Florida an hour before and arrived at the Tuckahoe in time to sit down for dinner. Ron reports hey hope to be in their new home on the bay by April. Ozzie Jordan showed off his “No Shave November” beard he was mighty proud of, however wife Sue just rolled her eyes and hoped he wasn’t going to carry it over for “No Shave December.” Sue was upset when she discovered she had on two different earrings, one pierced and one clip.

Stu Sirott received kudos for coordinating the dinner and the ladies were pleased with the turkey mums they got to take home for the holiday. Stu has a unique way of taking attendance as he circulated around the room taking pictures of everyone at their table. Of course, he has another reason for the pictures as Stu is in charge of the club’s website.

Jim and I enjoyed dinner with Andrea and Don Paul and Irene and George Reeves in front of the fireplace that was cozy and warm. Irene and George were looking forward to leaving for Florida in two days after Irene gets her cast off. They had to delay their departure when Irene fell and broke her wrist six weeks ago and George is anxious to head south to warmer climate and their home on the golf course.

Anita and Bill Culp were headed for Berlin, Md. to spend Thanksgiving with their youngest son and daughter-in-law. With a storm headed our way, Anita hoped the ferry ride wouldn’t be too rough. Thanks to Warren Iredell, Jim Plousis, Don McBride and Jerry Kanensky,who searched for my earring when it fell off. Jerry found it after he turned on his cell phone light. Don has a home and garden service while Jerry is a mortgage loan officer at Cape Bank. After dinner, Jim and I chatted with Linda and Curt Gronert, who attended the last NASCAR race of the season in Homestead, Fla. As guests headed home, Jim was so busy talking about real estate with John LaRosa that our chauffeur, Don Paul, had his car waiting at the front door when we walked out.

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

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