Tuesdays are terrific at St. Peter's in Ocean City

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Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

St. Peter’s United Methodist Church is a busy church and Tuesday afternoons are no exception when members and friends of the community gather for Terrific Tuesday activities, fellowship and dinner.

Kathy Thompson headed up the kitchen group for the week’s dinner and got lots of help from Bob McNamara and Lindsay Wray as they kept an eye on the chili and cut tops off the Italian bread bowls. Bill Bateson was on hand to wash dishes while Tom Thompson and Andy Martin filled the salad bowls and placed pitchers filled with iced tea on the tables.

Karen and Rob Gleeson were next on the scene as they prepared to fill the bread bowls with chili. Christine Crist and I enjoyed checking out the collage of pictures of Audrey and Jack Kerr that Jennifer Bowman put together for Jack’s memorial service Wednesday.

Meanwhile downstairs in the Fox room, I caught up with Vicki Scheetz as she prepared to lead her Bible study class. Lorraine Lewis, Juanita and John Rickards, Audrey van der Loo, Linda Conover and Jody Lovette were teacher’s pets as they arrived early for class. Roberta Vernon delivered Brandon and Gabby Bowen, Madeline Rowe, Aili Kelley, Stella Eiter, Ethan Dyjak and Kelsea Bowman to the music room where John Bate was waiting at the piano to rehearse the junior choir with music for Easter and Mother's Day. Next stop for the junior choir was next door where Kathy Heller had the bells set out for bell choir rehearsal.

Courtenay Eiter, Jennifer Rowe and Dana Kelly entertained youngsters Jack and Allison Lee, Kaleb, Keegan and Marin Kelly, Theo Rowe, Billy Jenkins and Troy Eiter in the nursery until John Bate stopped by to pick them up and take them to the kindergarten classroom for their cherub choir rehearsal. Sarah Lee, Anne Beckert, Phil Young, Brian Roberts and Gayle Robbins kept their eyes peeled for Max Beckert as they made their way through the facility.

As guests arrived for dinner in the Stainton room, I noticed Della and Cork Ostien and Heidi Pursel were on hand to help in the kitchen. Mary Mohr stopped by to pick up a couple of take-out dinners for her and husband, Bob.

Vicki Scheetz gave the blessing then ducked out for date night with husband Mike. I chatted with Ginny and Dick Strang during dinner. As chair of the board of trustees at St. Peter’s, Dick spends lots of time at the church overseeing all the renovations during the past year while Ginny keeps busy leading four Tai Chi classes every week.

Melinda Mayne arrived just in time for dinner with her friend, Babs, and her service dog. Betty Brady and Mary Walsh are members of the St. Damien Parish while Shirley Baker is a member of Ocean City Baptist Church. However, these three friends enjoy attending the weekly Terrific Tuesday dinners at St. Peter’s.

I enjoyed meeting Barbara Earl, who has been a member of St. Peter’s for three years and is looking forward to her first Dominican Republic mission trip in April. Helen Miller and Merry Wagner opted to eat the chili, but left their bread bowl intact to watch their diets, but Dave Wagner threw caution to the wind and devoured everything.

Tres Ostien joined his parents for dinner when he arrived from out of town. Carlo Calle sported his Calle Construction shirt, but I couldn’t put my finger on why I knew him until he told me I had taken his picture when he appeared in the Living Last Supper. Carlo told me about the Costa Rican Mission for Life trip sponsored by the St. Peter’s mission committee he is heading up.

I chatted with David Powell over coffee while Grace Gleeson served churros. Phil Young and Bruce Bailey were cleaning up the Stainton room when this columnist headed home after dinner.

It was a cold winter night when members of Eve Circle arrived at Lois Werner’s home on the lagoon for their monthly meeting. It was cozy and warm in the family room with a roaring fire in the fireplace.

Everyone welcomed Marion McCaughey back after her long absence following neck surgery and Barb Adams reported on husband Dean’s successful hip surgery.

Melinda Mayne and Gretchen Bingham were looking forward to their upcoming vacations in Florida. Chris Sauer led the study group and Lois Werner must have been baking all day as her ice cream cake, cherry crumb pie and apple crisp were favorites, but a bowl of fruit was available for those watching their diets.

Joyce Trofa coordinated the Exchangettes monthly dinner meeting at the Tuckahoe Inn where her daughter, Denise Gabriel, gave members VIP service. Linda Gronert placed chocolate candies on the tables for the ladies to enjoy.

Peggy Doyle told me about a new Sandals resort in Barbados she is thinking about sending Jim and I to next winter while Maribeth Neall and Maryann Jones reported they were packed and ready for their vacation in Cancun. Barbara Evans told us about her trip of a lifetime to Australia and New Zealand. Barbara and this columnist recalled spending summer evenings on the beach in the eighties watching our sons, Ted and John, compete in the Ocean City Beach Patrol lifeguard rowing races. Barbara recalled being a waitress at the Tuckahoe Inn when the Harp’s opened this new restaurant in the 1960s.

Vonnie Price is lagging behind in the beading of her Charity League Christmas pins. Since I have almost finished my quota of 60 pins, I might have to lend Vonnie a hand. Denise Gabriel had to chase down Dottie McClain when it was time to take her dinner order. Barb Russell and I recalled selling Girl Scout cookies back in the 1950s when they were 35 cents a box.

Judi Roseland is on a first name basis with several of Ocean City’s finest. Andrea Paul and Joanne Budnick told us about the Valentine’s Day dinner they recently enjoyed at St. Peter’s United Methodist Church along with some wild and crazy games they played after dinner.

Everyone had a good laugh when I thought Joanne was talking about the weather being chilly when it was actually the food chili she meant. Jane Lugo and Sue Doll signed up members for next month’s dinner at L’s Restaurant. Denise Jessel, Liz Ulmer, Bonnie Richards-Ryan and Mary Wurtz rounded out the ladies at the dinner.

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

Around our town with Cathy Finnegan Around our town with Cathy Finnegan

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