Grab some hot coffee for the cooler temperatures

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Today, launches a new weather column. In addition to presenting the forecast in a compact package, we’ll share interesting facts and tidbits that you probably never knew about, along with notes on weather conditions close to home and in out-of-the-way locations. And, we hope you’ll have some fun at the same time. Most important for this time of year, we’ll also let you know when escaped snow monsters are heading our way.

Here comes the cool!

After an unusually warm spell where the temperature reached a spring-like 55 degrees on six of the first 10 days of December, Atlantic County residents will face a cooler world today.

However, it won’t be cold.

Forecasters are calling for inland highs to range from 49-52 degrees under sunny but breezy conditions. Look for temperatures to fall into the lower 30s overnight into Wednesday morning.

A low pressure system on Wednesday should pass far enough to the south to bring us only clouds and no rain.

After that, daily high temperatures are forecast to fall into the upper 40s or so through early next week. Although it may seem cold compared to a balmy 67 on Dec. 3, Wednesday’s forecast high of 49 is still two degrees above the day’s historical average.

Need some cold?

NFL fans at Green Bay’s no-so frozen tundra of Lambeau Field enjoyed the snowfall that filled the air during Sunday night’s game. While the visiting Detroit and the host Packers played among swirling flakes, others wondered where any snow has been this year. It seems that snowy weather and cold conditions have melted away from many northern locals this month. This weekend’s snowfall was the first taste of winter weather they’ve savored this season.

But one town, the so-called Pole of Cold, holds the record for an Arctic lifestyle so frigid that even polar bears book flights south of any border.

The 472 year-round residents of Ojmjakon, Russia, in the heart of Siberia, lay claim to living in the coldest municipality on the planet. Temperatures have dropped to as much a minus 72, reaching a mark never recorded in Antarctica.

On Monday afternoon, Ojmjakon residents came home from work, school and anywhere else they had to go in temperatures that were minus 51 degrees. It was so cold that smoke from woodstoves couldn’t rise, forcing officials to declare a local smoke alert.

Want a cup of hot coffee?

After all of this talk of cold weather, perhaps it’s time to consider a cup of hot coffee to warm up to. Maybe, there is no better place to go to enjoy a hot cup of steaming java than Hot Coffee, Miss. This area along a 12-mile stretch of state Route 532 earned its nickname in the late 1800s when a local innkeeper offered a special brew. You guessed it – hot coffee. So many passengers on passing coaches enjoyed his hospitality that they began to call the area Hot Coffee. Though only a few buildings remain today, the area’s fascination with a good cup of caffeine remains. By the way, Hot Coffee will be a cool 52 degrees and sunny today.

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