Stockton tuition to increase 2 percent

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stockton GALLOWAY- Tuition and fees at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey will increase 2 percent in the 2014-15 school year, an increase the Board of Trustees said is necessary to maintain facilities and support academic excellence.

Tuition and fees for the summer 2015 semester will not increase, however.

“The college is very mindful of the financial difficulties many students and their parents face, and we have kept this increase to the minimum required to meet our obligations in providing a distinctive Stockton education,” said President Herman Saatkamp. “Stockton has worked hard to raise more money for scholarships and provide other forms of aid, and we will continue to do so. In 2013-14, more than 2,100 students received a total of over $10,300,000 in financial aid from Stockton.”

Under the resolution passed at Wednesday’s board meeting, tuition for full-time undergraduates who live in New Jersey will increase the flat rate per semester by $79, or 2 percent, to $4,053.

Stockton’s flat-rate tuition program enables full-time students to take between 12 and 20 credits and pay the same rate. Students who take 20 credits can graduate sooner and potentially save thousands of dollars in the cost of classes and housing or commuting.

Various fees are being kept to a 2 percent increase. Educational and general fees for full-time, in-state undergraduates will rise by $34, to $1771. Their facilities fees will be $459, an increase of $9. Out-of-state students pay higher tuition, as at all public colleges, but pay the same fees as in-state students.

Master’s and doctoral students will also see 2 percent increases per credit hour, with amounts depending on their residency. The new tuition rate for in-state Post Baccalaureate, Master’s and Post-Master’s students will be $570 per credit hour, up $11. Their educational and general fees will rise by $2, to $136, while facilities fees will total $35, up 69 cents.

Doctoral students who live in New Jersey will pay $627 per credit hour, while their educational and general fees will be $136, with facilities fees of $35.

Summer tuition will remain unchanged at $229 per credit hour for in-state undergraduates, while their educational and general fees will continue at $123, with $31 facilities fees.

Tuition during the summer for in-state Post Baccalaureate, Master’s and Post-Master’s students continues at the rate of $543 per credit hour. Educational and general fees of $129 and facilities fees of $33 remain the same for all graduate students. For doctoral students who live in New Jersey, summer tuition will remain $597 per credit hour. Out-of-state undergraduate and graduate students pay higher tuition rates but the same fees as in-state students at each level.

Last year was the only time in Stockton’s history when the board was able to vote for no increases in tuition and fees. Charles Ingram, vice president of Administration and Finance, said at the time that was unlikely to be repeated due to mandated costs such as salary increases negotiated by the state.

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