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Local brewers offer an eye opener for the New Year

bloody mary LOWER TOWNSHIP — While many stick to water and aspirin to ease a New Year’s Eve hangover, there are a few daring types who go for a bite of the “hair of the dog.”

For those individuals, the Cape May Brewery will be mixing hangover cures on Jan. 1   Bloody Mary beer infusions.

“It’s good. It’s different, and unexpected,” said Maggie Clark, a spokeswoman with the brewery. “It’s a little more adventurous if people want to give it a try.”

The brewery will be setting up a do-it-yourself cocktail station for patrons to create their ideal Bloody Mary, but instead of mixing the tomato juice with vodka or tequila, they’ll be using Cape May’s draft beers.

The brewery will also be providing fixings for the cocktails, like hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and various garnishes and spices to stir in.

While this will be the first time the brewery will be mixing the infusions for patrons, Clark says that the brewery has been experimenting with beer-infusion cocktails every Wednesday for some time.

Normally though, Clark explained, the infusion is brewed right in with the beer. On Wednesday, Dec. 18, for example, the brewery made a peppermint beer cocktail that was infused right in the keg. On Jan. 8, they’ll be making a coffee beer infusion, she said.

Technically, these beer “cocktails” could be called a shandy, because no other alcohol is added to the drink. A classic beer mixed-drink is the black and tan, which is a mix of pale ale and a dark stout or porter.

Other beer cocktails, like a Coronarita, which is a basically a margarita with a Corona, have become commonplace at chain restaurants like Applebees and Fridays.

But, Clark says infusing craft brews, like those offered at Cape May Brewery, with spices is on trend. They’ve also mixed a blueberry Belgium and chocolate stout there.

“Some are very drinkable and very mainstream and others are more out there, like the Bloody Mary.”

The brewery’s Cape May I.P.A., Centennial I.P.A., Devil’s Reach, which is a Belgian Strong Ale, and Mop Man’s Mopwater, which is a five-spiced ale with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla are all on tap, along with some other choices also.

Clark’s personal choice for the Bloody Mary infusion is the Centennial I.P.A., a hoppy and strong pale ale.

The brewery’s plan to offer the Bloody Mary infusions on New Year’s day was definitely to cater to the hair-of-the-dog crowds with this hangover cure, Clark admitted.

“We’re also opening an hour earlier if anyone has a get up and go get ‘em attitude,” she said.

The Cape May Brewery is located at the Cape May Airport, 1288 Hornet Road.

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