Nothing stupid about backing Romney

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To the editor:

I am tired of opinion page writers calling me “stupid” because I will not vote for the reelection of President Obama. And, I am tired of hearing that candidate Romney is a low-level person.  Who are the people that make these statements?  Who told them that they were smart? I suspect that it is self-proclaimed.


I did not vote for Obama in 2008. Why?  Because he was a young lawyer with no experience in management, governing or economics. Yes, he is a good cheerleader.

His opponent was a man who had given more to the USA than more than 90 percent of the voters. McCain was widely known for reaching across the aisle and compromising, a characteristic I think is essential in the job. Practical solutions to our problems will not come from the right or the left; they will be found in the middle.

In his first term, Obama’s inexperience has shown. He thought that by signing an executive order, Guantanamo would go away. He spent his first two years pushing a 2,700-page health bill, which no one has read, instead of tackling the economy full time. No, I will not vote for four more years of this trial and error.

Letter writers keep blasting the 47 percent comment. Why? Because it is the truth?  Because it hurts?  Look around. People like politicians who promise them handouts. That is who most of us are.

Mitt Romney is a good, generous, religious, intelligent family man. Stop trying to degrade him. Look into a mirror first. I wish that I could have done as much good in my life as he has.

Gerald P. Gladue





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