Romney lacks core values, and it cost him

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To the editor:

Columnist Harry Hurley, like all the other far-right-wing demagogues, is shocked that President Obama won a second term. The problem is that they believed the Fox News spin that Romney was ahead when most polls always had the president slightly ahead, except when Romney had a short-lived surge after the first debate.

Romney doesn’t have core values. He tried to appease both conservatives and moderates buy switching his views back and forth. Even several prominent Republicans have said that Romney had no vision, no clear direction. He was on both sides of most issues, often swinging back and forth.

Hurley accuses Obama of dividing the country in half, when it was Romney who said he did not care about almost half of the nation that he considers deadbeats looking for handouts. Even after the election Romney he his loss to minorities, women and young people. Obama would not have won in either election if not for the support of white citizens. But let’s be clear of one thing: Many oppose Obama simply because they cannot stand the fact of a black man in the White House.

The country was in dire straits when President Obama took over the helm, and it was steadily getting worse. On the first day of his term some Republican members of Congress vowed that their main goal was not to get the country moving in the right direction, but to make Obama a one-term president. Republicans opposed everything the president tried to do to help the country move forward because they did not want him to get credit for anything positive.

Thinking Americans saw through that. They gave the president a second shot to finish his work because they know though his efforts were blocked. He was still able to get jobs and the economy moving in the right direction. No one is satisfied at the slow pace of the economy, but if the Republicans get on board to help move the country forward instead of making political stands, we will all benefit.

Eddie E. Hicks Sr.


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