GOP refuses to get the message on tax breaks for the rich

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To the editor

One day after the election, the GOP is still talking about tax breaks for the wealthy. They refuse to get the message.

President Obama won a second term, but unfortunately he still has to deal with the hearts of stone in the Congress who will continue their meanspirited agenda until they totally destroy the economy to benefit a few. Republicans were so extreme it got the attention of the whole world, and people around the globe were worried about the possibility of Romney in the White House. Unlike some Americans, they get it.

Guess the myth that America is God’s gift to planet Earth has been put to rest.

Decent folks used to teach their children that lying was a bad thing. Yet half of the adult voters, including senior citizens in this country, didn’t have a problem whatsoever with the atrocious GOP lies and TV ads, total disrespect for the president, Romney’s daily flip-flopping and his long history of destroying companies and jobs. No problem at all. Cheney and Bush weren’t treated this badly, even though they certainly deserved it.
The Mormon Church gave its silent approval while the Catholic Church was front and center opposing the Ryan budget, which goes against Christian principles and would intentionally hurt so many people.

Minorities of all backgrounds came together to get the job done. Hopefully, this coalition will continue to wipe out the GOP in Congress (for good) so that sensible economics, fairness and justice prevail for the majority, and politicians who commit crimes go to jail like everyone else.

Carol Bair


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