‘Political illiterates’ elected Obama

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To the editor:

A recent article from the Russian news service Pravda with a headline proclaiming “Obama reelected by American illiterates” has been posted on various Internet sites, including “The Drudge Report.” I never thought I’d be agreeing with Pravda on anything, but in this case, I think they got it right.

It’s not that Obama voters can’t read or write; it’s a case of being “politically illiterate.” We see anecdotal evidence of this when Jay Leno goes out in public to ask basic questions and gets ridiculous answers. If folks can’t respond to the most basic political questions, they surely won’t make informed decisions when it comes to economics and international relations. 

Although I’m sure there are political illiterates on both the left and the right, I believe that, on average, Romney voters were much better informed on the issues than Obama voters. Many continue to parrot Obama’s blame for the bad economy on Bush’s tax cuts, and think that taxing the top 2 percent will solve our deficit problem. Many of these folks know little and care less about what happened in Benghazi on Sept. 11 where the president and his appointed officials lied to the American people to cover up their inept handling of this tragic event. Then there are those who voted in support of free cellphones, free birth control, and other “free stuff” with no apparent awareness of the devastating consequences that will eventually come our way as a result of our ever-growing government and nanny-state mentality.

These folks can read and write, but seldom inquire beyond what they see in headlines or campaign ads. They never made the effort to get past the liberal media, dig into the issues, and examine both sides critically. As such, they never got to know the real Romney or the real Obama. They ended up choosing crass over class, a record of failure over success, and crony capitalism over free enterprise. If more voters had been politically literate, Romney would have easily defeated Obama. Thirty years ago, who would have thought that Pravda, not the Western media, would be headlining the truth about the illiterate American electorate?   

Larry Pacentrilli


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