America must learn how to keep its cows

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To the editor:

I hope my note finds Mr. Hurley well and at ease. I just finished his column on the new normal and all the familiar and tired arguments put forth by the defeated Republicans. I want to tell him what is truly wrong with our country, for I don't find it among his arguments or statements. To illustrate my point, allow me to trot a simple cow onto the stage.

Now, we can milk this cow and live off the cheese and milk and butter; we of course would have to shelter and feed this cow, but the other alternative is to send this cow to slaughter immediately. We could then sell all the meat and the leather, and we would save the expenses of feeding and sheltering. In short, the second alternative provides the maximum revenue and minimal expense.

American business has been slaughtering its cows now for nearly 30 years or even longer. Out factories have vanished, as has our industrial tax base.

The election of 2012 was as decisive a battle as was Gettysburg. The GOP has lost its decisive battle; certainly skirmishes will continue, but the Republicans will never again be able to front a similar strategy.

When this country learns to keep its "cows" alive and be satisfied with the milk and the cheese, then we will once again prosper.

Yes, Mr. Hurley, we do have sacred cows – and to keep them is the wisdom of the ages.

Pranans Danta


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