Election was repudiation for Republican disdain for middle class

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To the editor:

Mr. Pacentrilli's recent letter quoting and agreeing with Pravda's evaluation of American voters as illiterates is an affront to the citizens of this country. Voters are not "politically illiterate" unless they choose to be so, by e.g., only reading such drivel as the Drudge Report and watching the misinformation given the viewers of Fox News. Those of us who read both liberal and conservative commentators and put aside the clowns on both extremes did arrive at a knowledgeable decision in the last election. Every respectable economist agreed that the Bush tax cuts, the two phony, unpaid wars and the Wall Street pirates who ran wild during the Bush years were responsible for the horrible economy handed to President Obama.

Mr. Pacentrilli's reference to "free" stuff is the same nonsense Romney and the Republican losers echoed after the complete rejection of Romney and his and the Republican policies, which belong to the 19th century. All you on Medicare, Social Security, student loans, military entitlements, and the disabled are receiving the "free" stuff referred to by Mr. Pacentrilli and the conservatives.

Romney lost the election by more than 3.5 million votes and well over 300 electoral votes. It was a devastating and telling repudiation of his and the Republicans' disdain for the middle class and their embracement of the 2 percent wealthy takers who give little back to the welfare of the country so they can gather more profits from their investments by avoiding taxes through the use of offshore accounts.

If Mr. Pacentrilli believes Pravda is headlining the truth about the citizens of America, I suggest he move to Moscow and have Pravda delivered to him every day.

Donald C. Marino


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