Police and firefighter jobs not so easy to get

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To the editor:

In regard to Seth Grossman's Dec. 13 column "'Progressives took America backward," and specifically his reference to police officers' and firefighters' jobs being equivalent to "hereditary entitlements," Mr. Grossman is either painfully misinformed or deliberately misrepresenting the facts. His assertion that those jobs are hard to get without familial or political influence is proved inherently false in civil service municipalities. Is he unaware of the NJ Civil Service Commission? Is he unaware that those jobs are awarded based on test scores and not bloodlines?

I am a career firefighter in a civil service municipality in New Jersey. I took the entry exam, which consisted of written and physical tests. I studied hard and I practiced hard and I scored well enough to get hired. I had neither a family member nor a political ally in the department; I only had my score on the entry exam.

Even if I did have a family member or a political ally, they couldn't supercede or circumvent the rules of the Civil Service Commission. So which is it, Mr. Grossman – are you ignorant of the existence of the Civil Service Commission, or are you deliberately misrepresenting facts to shape your point?

Daniel Carew


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