NRA supporters have blood on their hands

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To the editor:

The events at the school or the theater or the mall or wherever – ad nauseum – are a direct result of lack of leadership.

Though understandable, prayer is neither an adequate nor responsible reaction. The issue of mass slaughter of innocents, by its very nature, demands a forceful response. Here are suggestions:

Let’s take another look at the death penalty here in New Jersey. We got rid of it through compassion and maturity, but maybe deterrence trumps these.

How about a penalty worse than death? Waterboarding comes to mind. Perhaps we should spend the day drowning the shooter and televise it nationally in “hi-def” from multiple camera angles. For sure this is “cruel and unusual,” but the framers of our constitution could not envision a demon with an AR15 with 50-round magazines filled with hollow-point bullets meant for 6-year olds.

We must outlaw pistols, and when the dust settles from that go after semiautomatic rifles. There is no logical reason why one individual should possess such firepower. Our technology has far outpaced our sensibilities.

Yes, I do own guns and use them lawfully, and no, I don’t want to lose them. But why should my pursuit of recreation enable two or three dozen funerals this week alone?

Media lockdowns should also be reconsidered. Fanning the flames hurts, and now we brace for copycats.

Finally, the hijacking of the GOP by the NRA must end. Republican leaders often tell us how great they are. System gamers who succeed at pensions and salaries at our expense yet run from controversy are not leaders. They are enablers, and this week they and those who support them have blood on their hands.

Andrew W. Lee


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