Only the shooter is to blame

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To the editor:

I found the Dec. 26 letters page extremely interesting because of how many people took the opportunity to write in trying to blame the Newtown, Conn., shooting on anyone or anything other than Adam Lanza.

First Jeff Lehman says it is Seth Grossman, Mitt Romney, Republicans, moderates, conservatives, the Heritage Foundation, Ronald Reagan, conservative attorneys and religious zealots who are responsible for all our problems; then Carmine Bonanni Jr. tries to blame the Newtown shootings on the guns that were used. But without the actions and intent of Adam Lanza, those guns wouldn't have harmed anyone. They would have stayed locked up in a box in the basement.

Then Andrew Lee tries to blame the Newtown shooting on the National Rifle Association and the GOP. Again, apparently Adam Lanza wasn't responsible -- it was actually Mr. Lee's political opponents who were. How convenient.

Then even Marian Carlino, who is usually pretty conservative in her letters, tries to blame the Newtown shooting on Nancy Lanza, the shooter's mother -- forgetting that she was the very first victim of this psychotic nutcase. Of course, I'm sure Nancy fully intended when she bought those guns that her own son use them to shoot her four times in the head while she was asleep.

Why do people always insist on finding unrelated scapegoats (usually members of the opposite political party) for horrific crimes, instead of blaming the people who are actually responsible?

Kirk Hastings

Somers Point

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