Both political parties failed

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To the editor:

America is living in the new age of never-ending crises simply because the first crises were routinely “kicked down the road,” and now there is a confluence of unsolvable problems in which either solution or none are equally damaging, promising a long-lasting economic winter.

Speaker John Boehner has led his party to lose some of its numbers in the 2012 election, portending a further decline and possible loss of the House in 2014. Both political parties have failed America, but Boehner is particularly the culprit as he could have singlehandedly blocked even ObamaCare by pulling a Harry Reid and not putting its funding to a vote.

Ditto with the increases in borrowing limits and continuing resolutions in lieu of the constitutionally mandated annual budget, now for the fourth year of Harry Reid’s refusal to honor the Constitution.

Boehner's strategy to "live to fight another day" has been notable only for its cowardice to bite the bullet in the beginning of his majority. Untreated serious disease eventually is fatal, and there appears to be no surgeon on hand willing or able to tackle the job. The time may have come for the e-party, “None of the Above,” that was first proposed by the writer in the 2002 book, “Aren’t you sorry you asked … for my opinion.”

The time may have come for a true e-party as the Democrat, Republican and diverse independent parties have not lived up to the Constitution, without adherence to which the United States may well regress to banana republic status. Voting is manipulated so as to make the effort virtually meaningless, with no apparatus in place to change the status quo.

Albert Maslar


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