Amend 2nd Amendment to reflect the times

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To the editor:

Right to bear arms? Perhaps, yes. But when the Second Amendment was added in 1791 to the United States Constitution, there were muskets and pistols that had to be reloaded. In fact it took 40 musketeers to set off four rounds per minute. Today it takes one misguided person or criminal to set off 40 rounds per minute. There were no assault weapons and semiautomatic weapons in 1791.

Any president, governor or senator would, of course, go through the proper process to, yes, negotiate and amend the Second Amendment. No one needs those types of weapons in their homes to protect themselves and their families from intruders. Nor does anyone who enjoys hunting need an assault weapon or semiautomatic weapon to shoot a deer, duck or bear.

Yes, we need more education concerning mental illness and less violence on TV, video games and movies. The NRA doesn't own us. We have a voice.   

Marsha Galespie


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