Right to bear arms shouldn’t be without limits

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To the editor:

I want to thank New York City Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama for making efforts to strengthen our gun laws. The opposition that takes the stance against funding for Sandy (as compared to Katrina) and the stance against any type of assault weapon ban seem to come from the same place in the GOP and their constituent descendants of the Confederacy (with their crazy armed militia idea that would have no chance against our military) with an antagonism toward moderate and liberal America.

They want to make the Second Amendment an “unlimited freedom” unlike any other part of law and order.

What can be done about finally ending the Civil War ghosts that the Union army conquered so long ago?  

To those salesmen who say a ban won't work, I say it can't hurt; let's bring it back and make background checks and gun shows more stringent. It is time for a limit to the destructive entertainment of high-capacity weaponry that has no place in hunting, sport or self-defense and needs to be restricted to military use only.

Steve Mento


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