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To the editor: 
When I had a regular column in this paper, I could not respond to attacks by individual readers like Jeff Lehman, no matter how personal or unfounded. But I have that freedom now that I no longer write the column.

Last week Lehman wrote that he was grateful that my “political soapbox columns” are gone. He claimed that my opinions diminished the quality of the paper and were extreme right-wing and ill conceived. To support this claim, he then completely distorted and misrepresented what I had written.

Yes, I often wrote that government makes people poor through high taxes, high electric bills that subsidize windmills and solar panels, and complicated laws that smother private business, but Lehman claimed that I said poverty is self-inflicted.
Yes, I wrote that casino executives should have the same constitutional right to support or oppose candidates as union leaders do, but Lehman wrote that I “praised the casinos, which produce nothing.”
And by the way, casinos do produce something called entertainment. And people voluntarily go there because they think that product is worth the money they spend.
Ironically, Jeff Lehman is a government employee at the FAA Tech Center. He claims this agency does “tremendous work.” But if so, why do commercial airlines refuse to use or pay for its NextGen product? Why does Congressman LoBiondo have to support the pet projects of other Congress members all over the country so they agree to force every taxpayer in America to pay for Next Gen year after year in return?
When I wrote a column in this paper, everyone could see for themselves each week that what “progressives” like Lehman said I wrote was completely different from what I actually wrote.
Now that my column is gone, people can’t do that anymore. Is that the real reason progressives like him are so grateful?
Seth Grossman
Somers Point

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