Gay marriage is not a biblical right

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To the editor:
President Obama gave a rambling bully-pulpit second-term inauguration speech with precious few specifics, but curiously and perhaps to his eventual regret, invoked God to buttress his demand for government support for steps needed to counter threats of climate change.

Obama coupled science with God to fortify his arguments for bridging the partisan gap to support his climate control agenda, that if science were not sufficient for some, then deference to God would certainly be the clincher.

Not content with climate change, Obama brought up the need for equality for gays: Since God created all and loved all equally, gays were entitled to share in that love as well. It is a given that God created all and loves his creation, but a look at a few key biblical passages indicates that God does not love all the actions of his creatures.

Note that in Genesis 38: 1-10 depicting Onan, who intentionally spilled his semen on the ground to keep from producing offspring for his childless deceased brother, the Bible states, “What he did was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death also.”

Gay marriage is a manmade gay mirage. God created people male and female and ordered all living things – man, animal, fruit, vegetable and all others – to increase and multiply, which can only be done with male-female reaction, or the seed in it. Contrary to the adamant declaration of the preacher-in-chief, gay marriage is not a biblical right.

Judgment falls upon those who harm the least little ones of Jesus, who said that “Whatever you do unto my least little ones, you do unto me,” and the least little ones are those little ones living in the womb. Abortion was prevalent in the Roman Empire but often resulted in the death of the mother, leading to the development of partial-birth abortion that was safer for the mother, as the child was killed during the birthing process. Rome fell as a result of its self-indulgent lifestyle. Are today’s empires including the United States vulnerable to the same fate?

Albert Maslar


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