Where were pro-lifers in vote for secretary of state?

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To the editor:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously approved Sen. John Kerry to replace outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before the full Senate then voted 94-3, with two absentees and one voting “present” on the nomination.

Cowards. Only the faces have changed while the policy remains the same.

Where were the vigilant pro-lifers, sitting on their collective duffs like the three proverbial monkeys who “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil?” This proves the United States is incorrigible and nothing can save us now, as we are dangling in a precarious position one major misstep away from going over the cliff. What matters if it is the fiscal cliff, as the moral cliff is more significant and insures the fiscal will go over the cliff as well.

Senators who should have voted their proud pro-life Christian principles demonstrated their cowardice instead by voting for one of their own members of this formerly august body, showing their true colors and allegiance. Only three Republican senators voted against John Kerry – Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, both representing Texas, and Jim Inhofe, Oklahoma. Absent from the vote were Sens. Patty Murray, Washington; and John Hoeven, North Dakota, while Kerry voted himself as present.

Particularly galling was the yea vote of Sen. Rand Paul, outspoken opponent of abortion, and yet he did not cast an opposing vote for the Kerry nomination. Meanwhile Rand Paul is busy as a beaver garnering signatory support from pro-lifers and accumulating their political contributions for a possible 2016 run at the presidency. One thing is certain; Sen. Rand Paul is no Ron Paul.

About 33 pro-life senators have proven themselves to be all talk and no action. Senators know how to talk the talk that the pubic wants to hear, but do not walk the walk. Pogo is right once again: “We have found the enemy and they is us.”

Albert Maslar


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