Like a cartoon, a storm cloud follows Obama

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To the editor:

President Barack Obama is a virtual bad luck Joe Btfsplk. Cartoonist Al Capp characterized Joe Btfsplk as a well-meaning but jinxed character in the 1942 Li’l Abner comic strip, in which a dark rain cloud perpetually hovers over the Btfsplk’s head to symbolize his bad luck.

By his own admission, President Barack Obama has morphed into Joe Btfsplk, blaming the stall in the economic recovery on a run of bad luck. In a speech given Aug. 15, 2011 in Iowa, Obama is quoted saying, “We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, got the economy moving again, but over the last six months, we've had a run of bad luck.”

Unlike Midas who turned everything he touched into gold, everything President Obama touches turns into disaster, ala the failed near $1 trillion stimulus; the investments in auto, banking, brokerage, and insurance industries, and failed Solyndra-type “green” industries that have been corrupted and funded as payoffs for political fundraiser bundling at taxpayer expense.

Obama’s inept foreign affairs intrusions resulted in the deposing of dictators in Egypt and Libya, but have turned into perpetual disasters that spread to North Africa and Pakistan.

First Lady Michelle had enough so she fled by separate executive plane with her two daughters to ski at a posh resort in Aspen, Colo., along with a coterie of attending instructors.

Meanwhile President Obama, having to get away from the nagging problems of unemployment and the many fiscal cliffs, fled separately to Florida and was in his glory, getting lessons and playing golf from Tiger Woods, the world’s best and most famous golfer.

There was only one problem. Tiger had the Joe Btfsplk Obama storm cloud follow him to California where he was to compete in the World Golf Championship, and promptly lost in the first round to Charles Howell III who previously had never defeated Tiger Woods, not even in casual rounds.

Tiger Woods joins a growing list of Obama Joe Btfsplk victims, including the people of the United States, jobs, the economy, the deficit and debt, the Constitution, Egypt, Libya, Benghazi, and other shenanigans that have yet to see the light of day.

Albert Maslar




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