Obama using sequester to his advantage

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To the editor:

America is facing yet another politically proclaimed catastrophe. This one has the ugly name “sequestration.”

Informed Americans know that sequestration was proposed by the White House in 2011.  It was advertised as a means to force the executive and legislative branches to deal with the national debt and annual deficits. If an agreement could not be reached by March 1, specified spending cuts would automatically take place.

Republicans joined Democrats to pass the White House sequestration proposal. The president signed it into law and later threatened to veto Republican efforts to replace it with more reasonable measures.

As the March 1 sequestration deadline approached, Obama began the charade of disavowing any responsibility and bashing Republicans for what he proclaimed would be sequestration’s severe hit to the economy. As Obama rejected meaningful spending cuts, Republicans rejected additional revenue measures, leading to a very predictable impasse. Considering the skyrocketing national debt, Republicans accepted sequestration’s spending cuts as better than no cuts at all. 

Contrary to his public pronouncements, President Obama counted all along on sequestration taking effect. With a fawning media in his pocket, Obama will link his sequestration idea to Republicans and blame sequestration, not his policies, for a flailing economy, hoping his scare tactics will help turn voters against Republicans and regain Democratic control of the House in 2014. As icing on the cake, sequestration hits hardest on the military – a plus for Obama’s radical agenda.

As Obama’s czars focus on ways to make sequestration appear more tragic than need be, Obama is counting on most Americans to remain indifferent, uninformed, or foolish enough to focus on what he says instead of what he does. This strategy has worked for him in the past, and will continue working until enough Americans come to understand the true nature and motivations of this man we call president.

Larry Pacentrilli


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