Old-line Republicans are the party warriors

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To the editor:

True students of politics say that if you wish to change the outcome and the method that business and politics are conducted you must vote in new blood who wants positive change. I’ve been a lifelong Republican from Philly even though my mom was a Democratic committeewoman. I am very disenchanted and critical of present-day Republicans. It seems they project mixed messages, in-house fighting and go along to get along attitude with the Democrats, and this looks weak in comparison.

Romney gave the election away to Obama. Obama did not win; Romney lost the presidency due to the reasons previously stated. Also, Romney excluded some minorities, tea party and others. He did not help himself with these exclusions.

This is why I’m supporting candidates like Frank X. Balles for state senator, Seth Grossman for governor, Joe McDevitt for re-election to the Atlantic County freeholder board, and Jim O”Neill and John Dunn for City Council in Northfield. While these candidates have different supporters and may even be political foes, each candidate represents Real Republicans that are independent, honest, consistent and courageous in their Republican beliefs – like small government, lower taxes and fees, and pounding the pavement to visit all constituents to elicit what their complaints are.

The little guy is getting taken for a ride. These old-line Republicans want to change it. More people are moving out of New Jersey than any other state. These warriors can reverse that. Give them a chance on June 4. They collectively want your life to be better with a fair shot at Liberty and Prosperity.

Nate Nathanson


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