Don’t buy from inhumane dog breeders

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To the editor:

What are puppy mills? Why are animal welfare societies trying to shut them down? Simply put, it is a matter of caring for innocent life versus selling commodities for profit.

This ugly truth crosses the line when a breeder of a certain popular species lacks caring obligations for health, safety and humane treatment toward the mother dog and her puppies. No longer is it about the adorable puppy breed.

Abusive living conditions and neglect for protection and care of the weak exist. The mentality of the breeder is only that the puppies survive these horrendous conditions, and it pays off.

The bottom line is, if purchasing a dog at puppy farms or local pet shops that share in profit with these breeders, be warned. Do not be surprised if they have many pre-existing health issues. The buyer will be responsible for not knowing these matters. The family will be attached to the puppy. Once expensive treatment is paid for, this will not guarantee survival. Sad but true. All this could have been avoided if the puppy was born into humane care to begin with.

The ASPCA can only do so much with citations and law enforcement. The public needs to step up to the plate. Help the mother dog out of her life sentence: being jailed up in a cage reproducing.

Adopt at shelters and rescues; the breed you want is out there. Your choice, their voice.    Paws up to humane direction.

Debra Rankin

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