Boehner squandered his power to limit spending

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To the editor:

Gallup wasted time and money with its April polling of Americans for unfavorable views of top House leaders Boehner and Pelosi, along with Senate leaders Reid and McConnell. A third of those polled either had no opinion or never heard of the four leaders. Inexplicably, favorable ratings for all four leaders exceeded the 15 percent job approval of Congress.

Boehner’s popularity initially rose but rapidly declined as the 2011 GOP hopes to limit Obama spending evaporated as new Speaker Boehner caved to administration budget and spending continuing resolutions, thus squandering the speaker’s power to limit government spending to match government income. 

Boehner could have blocked Obamacare spending but allowed it while promising to put a repeal to a vote, but the House has already voted 36 times to do just that. Einstein described insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. How many times must an exercise in futility be repeated, as any idiot knows the Senate would not back Obamacare repeal, and if so, what makes anyone think Obama would sign the repeal of his own historic signature legislation? 

The implication for the 2014 midterm elections is that even though the tea party gave the GOP and Boehner the controlling House majority in 2011, legislative results hardly differed as Republican in name only John Boehner mismanaged his checkmate authority on an ill-conceived false premise that he “wanted to live to fight another day,” and conservatives are still waiting while control of the House awaits the 2014 midterm election. Boehner already won game, set and match, but threw in the towel. Whose side is Boehner on anyway?

Albert Maslar


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