Letter: Choose science over superstition

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Letter: Choose science over superstition Letter: Choose science over superstition To the editor:

I was dismayed to see that Rush Holt lost his bid to represent New Jersey in the United States Senate. His scientific literacy would have brought sorely needed pragmatism to governance.

We need pragmatism because superstition – which hurts us all – is still widely practiced. We should reject superstition because the next step after falsehood is barbarism.

Here is an example:

A couple in Philadelphia chose to reject education, common sense and relevant life experience when they decided to “faith heal” their child. Predictably the youngster died. One could almost feel for them were it not their second offense.

Many people choose to accept and benefit from science by day, only to regress at night. There is a pervasive form of “social cross-dressing” going on that serves only vocal and empowered minorities.

We have to do better. Science is not perfect; it’s only a tool. But it’s our tool and it produces results. It’s time to step up our game.

There is a new way to teach science called the “Next Generation Science Standards,” which basically replaces memorization with model building and discussion of such.

I remind leaders and educators that they are charged with our children’s enlightenment and receive generous salaries and pensions to do so. Those who choose falsehood should be purged from the system.

Andrew W. Lee



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