Letter: Taking a dim view of Barbary Pirates is hardly bigotry

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Letter: Taking a dim view of Barbary Pirates is hardly bigotry Letter: Taking a dim view of Barbary Pirates is hardly bigotry To the editor:

In last week’s letter, “Jihad’ column is bigotry in the guise of history,” bigotry is a charge with which few, if any, could concur. If one were to assert that Seth Grossman is biased in favor of liberty and prosperity, then it might be far more accurate.

Political correctness has become the bane of sane political observers everywhere. Everyone has become so super sensitive. “Weltanschauung” (world view) has become warped beyond recognition with realpolitik discarded at our own peril.

If "truth" be told, Islam is light years from being a "peaceful" religion or a tolerant one for that matter. From its inception, it's been a religion of and by the sword.

When we try to impose notions of religious freedom and separation of church and state upon Islamic believers, there's a total disconnect. Submission is not optional. If a Muslim converts to any another religion, it constitutes a capital offense.

Let someone tried to hand out Bibles in Saudi Arabia, "religious" police would lock them up in a hurry; likewise for just entering the city of Mecca. You could travel from one end of the country to the other and not see a single Christian church anywhere. They are strictly forbidden by law. 

However, intolerant inconsistency doesn't stop the Saudis from bankrolling countless majestic mosques in mostly Christian countries. Even the people behind the abominable Ground Zero trophy mosque won't rule out seeking Saudi funding. Saudis also underwrite countless madrases to indoctrinate thousands of children to their radical Wahhabism to foster future, sociopathic "martyrs."

Past kings were notorious for disseminating and inculcating anti-Semitic poison into school textbooks. One of their favorite gifts to visiting dignitaries were deluxe editions of the “Protocols of Zion,” (an anti-Semitic book from the early 1900s that asserts a Jewish plan for global domination).

Now keep in mind, Saudi Arabia is considered one of America's very few "friends" in the Middle East.

Perhaps we should submit to Sharia law, increasingly demanded by Muslims everywhere, and allow our wives and daughters to be subjected to the risks of "honor killings" or female circumcisions?

If the writer had a firm grasp of history, he would take a far dimmer view of the Barbary Pirates and Ottoman Turks who ruthlessly sacked and enslaved their way to conquest in Europe.

We may forgive, but we don't forget.

John Sewell


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