Letter: Killing of babies deserves outrage, too

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Letter: Killing of babies deserves outrage, too Letter: Killing of babies deserves outrage, too To the editor:

This letter is in response to the comment made by the president of the ACSPCA, regarding the beating death of a dog, reported in the Feb. 6 edition of The Current. 

She said, and I quote:  “This crime is horrific, disgusting, and there is no excuse for it.”  


I couldn’t agree more.  How could anyone kill a helpless and innocent living being, and so cruelly? I only wish this same outrage would be expressed in defense of the innocent unborn child. 

Millions of babies are cruelly destroyed in the womb every year, and all for the sake of a woman’s right to choose. Where’s the outrage?

Babies and animals are innocent.  Both the attacker of the dog and the mother of her child have the free will of choosing to end a life.  Only, the mother won’t see the remains of her dismembered child, which will be thrown into the dumpster outside. 

In New Jersey aborted babies are treated as “tissue,” and they are packaged in biohazard waste containers, ultimately winding up in the trash somewhere.  Of the more than 50 million babies that have been aborted, a mere fraction of them have been buried in a human cemetery.  

I pray that the same outrage shown to this poor dog beaten to death would be shown toward the poor babies in the womb who are not wanted.

Kathy Savini

Egg Harbor Township

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