Embassy funding cuts is true Benghazi scandal

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To the editor:

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi. 

Now that Obamacare is becoming more popular with the general public, the hibernating “cause celebre” awakens, bolting into the limelight for an encore.

The exploitation of four murdered Americans, including our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, surges yet again with the emergence of an email smoking gun, according to some fervent right wing pundits and politicos.  If truth be told, however, what supposedly proves the Obama administration covered up a terrible tragedy doesn’t even rise to the level of a cap gun.

Furthermore, the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, not some imagined cover-up, was indeed scandalous. 

The invisible elephant squatting over this terrible event and yet to be properly addressed is a Republican-led slashing of funds for embassy security to the tune of almost $250 million.  It would have been worse if Democrats hadn’t prevailed in restoring some of the proposed funding cuts.

If the Republican-led Congress hadn’t cut embassy security budgets to the bone, perhaps the homicidal lunatics would have been stopped.

Diverting attention from their reckless budget cutting by blaming the Obama administration, especially then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee in 2016, for a non-existent cover-up of the Benghazi tragedy ranks among the lowest forms of political exploitation in our nation’s history.

In the past, politics always stopped at the water’s edge.  Democrats and Republicans always united when America was attacked by foreign forces, including terrorists.

Would congressional Democrats have dared condemn President Reagan or hold incendiary hearings when more than 240 U.S. servicemen were slaughtered in a lightly secured barracks by homicidal maniacs in Beirut Lebanon?  

Would congressional Democrats have dared condemn President Bush or hold incendiary hearings when our Twin Towers were destroyed by homicidal hijackers and telltale signs of such an attack were carelessly ignored?

Why are today’s congressional Republicans so different? Why do they treat our duly elected president and his administration with such disdain, with such disrespect?

Lawrence Uniglicht


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