Paw's Corner: Dog takes a break from housetraining

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 Paws Corner: Dog takes a break from housetraining Paws Corner: Dog takes a break from housetraining

Q: We adopted a beautiful dog about a month ago. Chase is a great young dog, about a year old by the shelter's estimate. But over the past week he seems to be forgetting his house training. He urinates in different corners of the house at least three times a day, even though we take him out morning and evening at the same time. He seems kind of mopey, too. How can we correct this?
-- Chandra, Baltimore

A: Contact Chase's veterinarian right away. A sudden change in behavior or elimination patterns often signals that a dog is ill, rather than forgetting his training. While puppies need to urinate more often due to their smaller bladders, Chase is nearing full growth and should not need to go out so often. Since he is peeing in the house, he may not be able to control his bladder, indicating something is wrong. Chase could be suffering from a urinary tract infection or something else, but only the vet can determine exactly what the problem is and prescribe the right medicine. 

If an infection isn't the cause, the vet will check for other possible issues. If Chase is physically healthy, then begin looking for other reasons why he may be eliminating in the house. Does he suffer from anxiety? Many shelter dogs do. Is he alone in the house for long periods of time? Has anything changed in the household, like a new family member or someone leaving? Pets react to the rhythms of your home, sometimes much more strongly than we do.

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