Changing Upper Township starts with county committee

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To the editor:

After dedicating my life to public service and running my own business, I retired to Upper Township to be near my children and to enjoy this lovely community. I assumed I was finished with the political scene, but recent developments in the township I adopted as home over 20 years ago have stirred up my ire.

I was a Command Sergeant Major in charge of battalion training in the U.S. Army, a police officer, city council member and mayor in Absecon, the latter for 12 years. I learned from all of those public service positions and as the owner of a landscaping company, that listening to people can prevent problems or easily rectify them.

I believe that many of the current Upper Township Committee members have turned a deaf ear to the people they serve. The recent election of Tony Inserra was the result of the voice of the people protesting out of control taxes and lack of accountability. Since then, proposals to save taxpayers’ dollars by Committeeman Inserra have fallen on deaf ears.

Now I don’t necessarily agree with every idea Mr. Inserra brings to the table but at least he is making the effort to ease the burden on taxpayers. The rest of the committee sits by (and has for years) offering no significant cost saving measures.

I am seeking the position of county committee person to be part of the process that restores responsive government to our township. The county committee election on June 5 will play a significant role in the political future of our great township. Control of the local Republican county committee, and with it the ability to select candidates to run in the ballot column of the regular Republican organization, will be decided.

The current system, where candidate choices are made by “the powers that be,” is flawed. Just look at the names on the county committee election signs that are popping up around the township and you’ll see where their allegiance lies.

The election of county committee members has gone on quietly in the past, but now is the time to open up the process. I am asking the voters in District 2 to vote for me and Ron McCole for county committee so that we can begin changing Upper Township for the better.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss changing Upper Township, call me at 390-1006.


Orvis Leopardi

Beesleys Point

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