Candidate: Rescue squad involved itself in party politics

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To the editor:

I’ve soaked my feet, rubbed my calluses and patted my ego. Now it is time to thank all the people who came out and voted for me. I have listened carefully to your remarks and I will continue to work toward those goals. We need more accountability from our government and more efficiency in township departments. Thank you again for your input.

I am amazed and surprised that the rescue squad, which depends on Upper Township taxpayers, would come out in support of one small segment of the Republican party during the primary election. That just seems wrong, if not illegal.

The rescue squad, which is supported by the taxpayers of Upper Township, involved itself in party politics. Does this seem right? I am also curious about who paid for such nice political signs that were posted next to the Palombo/Barr signs. I don’t think the volunteers did. I hope this is not another indication of the control our township committee has over the support groups of Upper Township.

I am not against the rescue squad, the fire department or any of the volunteer departments. To indicate that this is the case is wrong. Everyone should be looking for ways to trim the budget and make Upper Township financially sound as it was in years past.

Orvis Leopardi
Beesleys Point

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