Rescue squad signs were unfair

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To the editor:

I want to thank everyone who voted for Virginia DiLuzio Chiappini and me in the recent election. From the beginning, Virginia and I decided we were going to run a fair and clean race for County Committee.

Unfortunately, the week before the election and after this paper was already delivered, signs were posted to “Vote for Column 3 for the Rescue Squad.” These signs made it look like Virginia and I were against the rescue squad. Also, flyers were put in the mail indicating that we were not supporting the rescue squad.
When I was involved with the rescue squad there was always an unwritten policy that we would never get involved in politics. I was very hurt and disappointed as I was a charter and founding member and, also, currently a life member of the Upper Township Rescue Squad. There is no way I would hurt the rescue squad. Yes, I want them to be fiscally accountable just like the rest of the township and all of us in these hard times. Remember, the rescue squad was founded as a volunteer organization.
Once again, I sincerely thank all those who recently supported Virginia and me.

Corville Griner
Upper Township

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