Some campaign signs have stepped over the line

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To the editor:

As evidenced by the numerous “vote for me” signs throughout Upper Township, the political season is upon us. It may just be me but, like Christmas, it seems to start earlier every year.

I suppose the signs are a necessary evil, but I think some campaigns have stepped over the line. I am writing about the smaller signs attached to the larger candidate signs that read “We support the Rescue Squad.” Of course, the sign is referring to Committeeman Anthony Inserra’s proposal to look into privatizing the duties of the Upper Township Recue Squad as a cost saving measure.

I believe Inserra when he says he holds no grudge or animosity toward members of the squad, who are township employees, but is simply looking at all the variables when it comes to budget savings in these times of financial uncertainty. However, the fact that PRO club candidates Rich Palombo and Ed Barr have chosen to make this a point of division and to make political hay of it seems a bit of dirty pool to me.

The inference is that other candidates don’t support the rescue squad, which couldn’t be further from the truth. They are trying to paint any non-PRO club candidate with the same anti-rescue squad brush. However, it is the PRO club candidates that follow the same lockstep on every issue. Dragging the rescue squad (again, they are township employees) into a political campaign shows the desperation of the PRO candidates to win at any cost and can only make the difficult job of the squad members even harder.

If they really supported the rescue squad employees, they wouldn’t have chosen to use them as political pawns. My hope is the other candidates won’t perpetuate this self-serving gesture and will rise above such political shenanigans. Upper Township deserves better.

Larry Migliaccio


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