State needs to get moving on Rt. 50, Hope Corson intersection

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To the editor:

How sad and disappointing to read that the state won’t install a traffic light at the intersection of Rt. 50 and Hope Corson Road this year. This is certainly not the fault of our township officials who have been vigilant in informing the state of its importance over an extended period of time.

This traffic light is long overdue. There was a conference call between (township engineer) Paul Dietrich, Mayor Richard Palombo, state Sen. Jeff Van Drew and NJDOT and NJDOT first stated that the light would be ready by June. This would be perfect timing for the coming tourist season. Anyone who has attempted to turn onto Rt. 50 from Hope Corson Road knows how "death defying" it is. Traffic coming east on Rt. 50 flies down the road and few people are willing to cut anyone a break to turn left from Hope Corson onto Rt. 50. So what's the problem, NJDOT?

Now we read that it might not be installed before the end of the year? This is outrageous! And we read that there was actually a disagreement over who will pay for the electricity? The taxpayers pay for the electricity, so roll up your sleeves and work it out.

Our local officials are certainly doing their job in attempting to convince the state of the need. Do we have to read about a death this summer before NJDOT will decide to install this critically important traffic light? Now is the time to do this job while Rt. 50 is being resurfaced (another long overdue project). All township residents should write or call NJDOT and urge them to resolve this and get moving. Perhaps we could see this installed before Labor Day weekend.

Robert F. Holden 


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