School budget spends more for less

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To the editor:

It is school budget time again in Upper Township and we are hearing the same old thing. That it is a barebones budget but it increases about two percent, which happens to be the state cap figure. We are told that we must increase spending to the cap or we will lose money next year.

This is the same old warped thinking that has been going on for years in both schools and government and got us into the financial mess we are in.

Our school district is increasing spending and increasing staff with a decreasing student population. In other words, we are spending more for less.

Parents and taxpayers might be more acceptable to these spending increases if they could see corresponding increases in student achievement. Is student achievement increasing? For example, how do our eight graders in Upper Township compare academically to other eight graders in Cape May County? Are they first in the county? Third? Fifth? Wouldn’t it be good to know where our students in all grades stand compared to the other schools? Maybe the school administration will inform us.

We have the caliber students and the teachers to be the best in the county. It is up to the superintendent and school board to lead us there.

Mike Houdart


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