Committee to start taping meetings

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PETERSBURG – Township committee will start taping its meetings for the first time this year, making the video available through a link on its website.


Officials budgeted $14,300 for recording equipment and monthly fees to a company that would host the video on its website. Committee members said they will save some money by using the municipal court’s video camera instead of buying a new one.

The rest of the money has survived two rounds of budget workshops and committee members have shown interest in recording their meetings for the public.

“I would like to see it on the internet,” said Deputy Mayor Curtis Corson, Jr. “Everybody has access to it there.”

Township engineer Paul Dietrich said the first year cost to set the recording system up would be $9,300. It will cost another $300 a month to stream it on the internet, he said.

“Every month they take what we record and they process it to make it accessible on a link on our website,” he said. “Live streaming is $150 extra per month.”

Dietrich said the township could also record meetings onto a DVD and broadcast them on UTTV (Channel 2).

“The problem there is not everyone has Comcast,” said Mayor Richard Palombo. “If you don’t get Channel 2, you wouldn’t be able to see the tape.”

Dietrich said making the recordings available on the internet will also allow the township to create an easily accessible archive. Some towns also link the recordings to their meeting agenda, so a resident could click on the part of the agenda they are interested in and the recording would skip to that part of the meeting, he said.

The system would be up and running later this year, Dietrich said.

Palombo said the township also has plans to make its website more user-friendly. He said the website at will be totally revamped and made easier to use.

“We’re going to update the links, make it easier to use,” Palombo said. “We want to put (planning and zoning) applications for the township on there.”


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