Numbers don't lie about the absent summer of 2014

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Shore Weather Today Shore Weather Today You hear it around the gas pumps, coffee shops and dinner tables: Where are the dog-days of summer?

We are nearly two-thirds of the way along our trot through the summer of 2014 and an important ingredient is missing: the heat.

We’ve turned off our air conditioners so gone is their never-ending hum.

We’ve opened our window to enjoy the freshness of a cool evening breeze, the soothing sounds of crickets and the occasional sparks of fireflies.

No one, however, seems ready for a midnight swim. It’s just too cold.

The scent of backyard campfires has appeared during a month when it’s normally just too plain hot to light a campfire.

What gives?

Thanks to a record-setting cold winter of 2013-14, the Midwest United States and the Canadian Prairies have remained colder than normal for most of the summer of 2014. Unfortunately, our Great Lakes neighbors are ready, willing and able to share that cold weather eastward.

And so they have.

Cold spells have dropped down from Canada on several occasions this year... and more are sure to come.

With 17 days scratched off the calendar – and counting – in August 2014, South Jersey’s weather has seemed almost fall-like.

As they say, statistics never lie. So here is proof:

The peak August South Jersey temperature at the Atlantic CityAirport in EggHarborTownship was 85. Normally, several days reach the 90s in August.

Nearly one-third of the time – five days – the afternoon high temperature has failed to reach the 80s in August 2014.

The overnight low has plummeted into the 50s on six days in August.

But that’s just half of the story behind South Jersey’s chill this year.

With only 13 days remaining in August 2014, this month appears headed to become one of the coldest ever for August.

The average daily high temperature has barely reached 80 degrees this month. That’s about 5 degrees colder than normal.

The overall 24-hour temperature for August in South Jersey is 71.4 degrees or 4.1 degrees colder than normal.

Only four times has the daily high temperature reached normal in August 2014. What’s normal about that?

Unfortunately, long-range weather models appear to indicate a return to somewhat normal temperatures may happen just in time for children to return to school.

Who is ready for the dog days of September?

2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season update

There is plenty of good news for coastal residents according the ClimatePredictionCenter’s new hurricane forecast.

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