Roar to the Shore weather forecast: Harley thunder by day, lightning by night

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Though severe weather is possible, good timing appears to be on the side of tens thousands of motorcycle riders headed to the annual Roar to the Shore Weekend in Wildwood, Sept. 4-7./File photo Though severe weather is possible, good timing appears to be on the side of tens thousands of motorcycle riders headed to the annual Roar to the Shore Weekend in Wildwood, Sept. 4-7./File photo Though severe weather is possible, good timing appears to be on the side of tens thousands of motorcycle riders headed to the annual Roar to the Shore Weekend in Wildwood, Sept. 4-7.

No rain gear is needed, but there is a but - an S&S, 124-cubic-inch-size but - says the weather man.

While no one likes riding in the rain, the trip down to Wildwood and the journey back should be dry, according to several weather forecast models.

 It’s the middle part that creates all of the concern for the Roar to the Shore crowd that ranges from weekend riders to one-percenters like the Pagan’s.

Here is the breakdown:

Roar to the Shore weather for ride-in day: Thursday

Leave the helmet with the face shield home because increasing heat and humidity will make it just too hot for anything more than a skullcap on Thursday. Temps: 85. A warm Atlantic Ocean will only make it easier for the fun to overheat at the Roar to Shore camp along Atlantic Avenue at Wildwood. Remember to stay hydrated and drink often.

Vender areas open at 10 a.m. and several bands play at multiple locations in Wildwood.

Roar to the Shore weather for Battle-of-the-Bands day: Friday

There’s virtually no chance of rain on Friday, Sept. 5 while temperatures soar at the Roar. Look for a daytime high of 88 degrees and plenty of sunshine for the annual guided ride to the pig roast at Kindle Ford. Side stands up at noon.

Temperatures will fall through the 80s during the semifinal round of the Roar to the Shore Battle of the Bands, 5-9 p.m., on Friday in the parking lot stage near Oak Avenue.

Everything in the sky will be dry for the inaugural Bike Lights Show, 7:45-9:45 p.m. on Pacific Avenue between Oak and Schellenger avenues.

Roar to the Shore weather forecast for Saturday

Now the weather gets as tricky to predict as trying to find an intermittent electrical short by the side of the road.

Daytime highs are forecast to reach 86 degrees in very hot and humid conditions. Remember to stay hydrated once again. A cold front will cool off temperatures and light up the sky with possible thunderstorms and arrive as early as 6 p.m. However, most models indicate the rain may not reach Wildwood until later in the evening.

Let’s hope so.

Conditions should be dry for the Roar to the Shore custom bike show, 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., the noon free walking poker run.

Most of the finals of the Battle of the Biker Bands, 5-9 p.m., should be dry.

Remember, cold fronts are like riders. Some riders prefer to get where they are going real quick. Others take their time. The final timing on Saturday’s rain will become clear when future simulated radar models come into play on Thursday evening.

Roar to the Shore weather: Sunday

Don’t get up too early because the last of the evening and overnight showers might be around at 6 a.m. However, everything should be dry by the time everyone wakes up a few hours – or several hours, depending on the case – later.

Sunday's weather will be completely different – like comparing the pot-a-pot-pot sound of a V-twin compared to a thump-thump of a single – from Saturday. Sunday’s temperatures will be cool with a high of 76 degrees and noticeably less humid. A great day to ride.

 Roar to the Shore weather for Sunday’s ride home

Look for temperatures to settle into the 60s in Cape May County and noticeably cooler in eastern Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey. Bring a jacket for the ride home or buy several 4 for $30, last day Wildwood Roar to the Shore t-shirts instead.

A new trend: Forecasters predict a warmer than normal September

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