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    Susan Daly of Northfield smiles as she paints a section of an icon wall mural, on Oak and Pacific Avenues, to be unveiled Friday at 11 a.m. Northfield artist brings talent to Wildwoods

    WILDWOOD — Susan Daly, a Northfield-based artist who has created murals for Atlantic City casinos and restaurants over the past 30 years, is putting her paintbrush on Pacific Avenue. 

    Daly is completing the Greater Wildwoods…

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    File photo provided by GWTIDAWILDWOOD – The gigantic Wildwoods sign that greets visitors to the island is set to be refurbished this November, the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority announced Wednesday.

    Officials with the authority say the 80-foot-long, 19-foot-high sign will have all nine of its letters restored in two phases. That way, the word “Wildwoods” will be visible throughout the entire process, set to last about two weeks.

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    NORTH WILDWOOD — The city has to pay back almost a million dollars in tax liens on Marina Bay Towers, a senior housing facility on the bayside of town, since a judge has decided that land the condos are located on is exempt from real estate taxation.

    North Wildwood has been entangled in litigation with Marina Bay and Beach Creek Marina for about 10 years, and a judge ordered the city to pay close to $900,000 to Royal Tax Lien services for liens placed on the property over a 15-year period.

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    Xavier GeisingerWOODBINE – A Dennisville man was charged with murder less than 24 hours after a Woodbine man was shot and killed on the 300 Block of Jefferson Street in Woodbine, according to the state police.

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    When the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce throws its big nostalgic party — the Fabulous ‘50s and Beyond Weekend — Oct. 17 and 18, it may be a reminder to some of a time in the Wildwoods history when tourism was born again.

    A young man from Philadelphia, who had been in the Wildwoods during the summer returned in the dull days of winter. What he saw were boarded stores, fancy motels closed, no longer flashing their glitzy lights. No traffic signals, either, and only an occasional automobile crossing his path, probably driven by the mayor (If…

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    WILDWOOD CREST — Administrator Tom Henshaw resigned this week after working in the borough for only a few months, Wildwood Crest officials said.

    His contract began June 9 and was supposed to last three years.

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